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Our Start

In 1998, Reginald Cox began working with fathers at The Family Resource Centers of Rochester. He has been working with fathers for over fifthteen years and as a result, he has gained vast knowledge in determining and providing resources for their needs. In 2004, Reginald was able to pursue a pastoral position with The Salvation Army. His experience as a pastor allowed him to hear several stories of painful relationships of fathers not mended from the past between fathers and their biological parents and the pattern of these fathers fearing the same fate for their own children. It helped build greater compassion to help fathers through the church and quality programs addressing these issues and concerns. He found a lot of stigmas that caused the fathers to have negative views in society and he wanted to change view – this while at the same time empower fathers to be involved in the lives of their children more effectively. The Fatherhood Connection has a particular interest in working with fathers AND mothers recovering from addictions, hurts, and other tragedies.

Reginald is a well-known trainer and motivational speaker and consultant in the Rochester area, and surrounding counties. He has also spoken in the Monroe county jails, various rehabilitation centers, the YWCA, the Salvation Army, and the Volunteers of America. He has over 20 years of experience in the human service field. Reginald has begun programs in Monroe County, near Rochester, NY and his curriculum has been adopted by Monroe County Dept. of Social Services and surrounding counties. His desire is to teach and train others on how to implement father’s programs across the nation and around the world.

Our Team

Our highly trained staff is committed to providing the highest quality of workmanship, unparalleled service, and complete customer satisfaction.
We will provide you with prompt and professional service you can count on.

Our Philosophy

From local to national communities, we will assist you in enhancing the value and creating a firm foundation for the men in our society. Whether you are looking to offer an enjoyable and empowering program or take advantage of a life-changing workshop we are here to assist you.